December 20, 2006

konfusions...thy name!

Right??? or was I wrong?
do I have an option now?
how am I sure that i'm not getting into a wrong place again?
Can I change now?
Do I want to change?
Career?? or Marriage?? or both??
was I too much self centered?? or was I just being frank??
now what?
where to?
I had always known Destiny as not a matter of chance but a matter o f choice. but its also true that only when you have a choice, your life gets difficult. If you dont have, you'll just accept things and move on...

konfusions konfusions konfusions.... uffffffff!

December 14, 2006

back with a....

tadan tadan tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ;)

July 21, 2006


Listening to birds chirping in the morning...
Searching for your favourite star in the night sky...

Chatting, laughing, loafing, having fun with friends...
Shedding tears when you give a goodbye hug...

Sharing the joy of your close ones when they accomplish something...
Stand as a shoulder when their life goes on a low key...

The Glory of getting the first job...
feeling bad when you need to leave and move on next...

Smiling at the small puppy jumping with joy on roadside...
Crying for your small kitten which was biten by a street dog...

Talking in rage about the terrorists and the dirty politicians...
Sympathizing the victims of the terrorist attack...

So many parameters influence our lives...
Seasons pass by, we move through different phases, from day to night, from light to darkness, guess the only thing which is constant throughout is CHANGE!

we need to move on...after all.... the show must go on...

July 12, 2006


We were just out of college, met here in office 2.6 years ago. Shared the same innocence (or the lack of it ;-)) from college, so, the gelling was not difficult at all...

One canteen table where all could meet... fought for idly drowning in one bucket of sambar, had one by-4 coffee, those loud laughter in chorus made people raise eyebrows (uh, who are these creatures kinda luks...duhh, who cares!!!), the long jail walks, THE ttbs to end the day(yeah, its called as tea time bitching sessions)... oh, its been an eventful journey...

4 different people,
4 plates of idly sambar (:P) [this is just to show the common looooooove for foooood :D]
4 attitudes towards life,
4 dreams,
4 hopes and
4 goals

Now, one is moving ahead to fulfill hers...

these 2 are the memorablia from v-3.
Good Luck poo...

Meeting and parting is the way of life,
Parting and meeting is the hope of life...

July 04, 2006

June 21, 2006


who comes first?
you?? or your relationship???
hmm, to be politically correct, 'relationship' would sound as a good answer, but, can you truely love someone if you cant love yourself???

June 20, 2006

A nice tag...

I am thinking about LIFE and its humor...
I said I got drenched yesterday, :D (naaa na na naaaaaaa na :D)

I want a DBC (actually long time having it...hmph!), a world tour, to shop till I FEEL BUGGED, a black santro for myself, a labrador, a small house with a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig lawn, a swing, Rain, long ride, Mr Arjun Bharadwaj( ;-) ), pani puri... :-? ya, only so much for now...
I wish I could go all alone to a place of complete strangers for sometime...
I miss playing Ice-pice, laggori, fighting with my bro's friends, waiting for dad to return back home at night so that I get something nice to eat (now he waits for me :-), that 20Rs pocket money which I used to get every saturday when I was in school(it was actually more than enough for me, wow!), exchaning paper letters with few of my school friends, bunking classes and going for some crap movies, running out of the class from the backdoor after attendance is taken, some good times with my college friends, ohhh so many!

I hear 'Agar tum miljao, zamaana chod denge hum' currently playing in my comp...
I always wonder

'kitne ajeeb rishtey hein jahaan pe,
do pal milte hain,
saath saath chaltein hain,
jab modh ayetho bachke nikalthe hain'
I regret for nothing... whatever has happend, has happened for good :)
I am ME
I dance as if no one is watching
I sing very bad!
I cry often.... a bigtime cry baby!

I am not what people perceive at times...
I make with my hands delicious dishes :D
I write about what I feel...
I'm confused about the world I tell ya...sigh! (er... konfused I meant ;-) )
I need to be less carefree...

I should stop stp being this l....a....z....y

I started to go for my aerobics, phew!
I finished writing this tag :D

hmm, an interesting tag alright, It took so much time to write it. Anyone is free to take up this tag :)

June 13, 2006

Heard somewhere...

“Does familiarity actually breed contempt?
And staying far makes and strengthens relationships?”

hmm... :-?
How many times have we felt that its nice to stay far... atleast the relationship will be in a formal, 'hi-how are you-I'm fine-thank you' state and people will be happy?
But staying far from someone for long?
will that not dilute a relationship?

Jus wondering...

June 08, 2006

'Moti'vating 'fact'or...

You know how???
Here is my funda...

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a lamb eat? Leaves and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a kabab is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system.
Need grain?
Eat chicken.

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for me?
A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!! Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?
A: Are you crazy? HELLO ...... Cocoa beans ... another vegetable ! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Q: Is getting in shape important for my lifestyle?
A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape!

Well, I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had About food and diets...

So..... here you go.....

PS: But... sheeesh! Reality continues to ruin my life... I need to start my Aerobics atleast from monday...
I just hope
I get up at 5,
I get up and dont feel lazy and go back to sleep,
I get up, dont feel lazy, but feel I'm not overweight and I dont need any aerobics,
I get up, dont feel lazy, dont feel i'm not overweight, but feel its anyway 10th and let me start from next month,
I get up, dont feel any of these, but dad is sleeping and he dioest feel like getting up, (he is my escort)

I get up, get ready, and it shouldnt rain..
mannn, how many parameters control me... and you people tell I dont work out????
okey okey, I'm going from monday... YES ... PAKKA!!!!!

May 30, 2006


These guys in US are damn busy I must say... Managing the clients on one hand, offshore folks on the other, a complete mechanical life, weekends go in partying and then wait for the next weekend... they just dont find time for anything you see.... nope nothing! not even time to choose a girl for them to spend the rest of their life with... so mostly they transfer this headache(!!!) to their momma's...
When I visited my native last week for prasad's wedding, I met one such momma...


She: A lean female aged around 50+, wearing a super jatang kancheevaram silk saree, with some 4-5 gold neck laces, some 10+ gold bangles on each hand, one big ear ring and a specs (Gold frame!)...

Me: A definetely-cant-be-termed-as-lean-in-any-angle female clanned in super jatang saree (as it was a gift from prasad for his wedding), wearing some minimal jewellery which all marriageable girls (ahem) must wear in mangalore, giving artificial smiles to all the known strangers and walking around...

She along with her daughter enter the Scene (read my granny's house, which is just next to the marriage hall) where me, padi(a cousin brother) and my mom are sitting.

She: Oh, this is the girl???
Me : ?!!!!?!!!!?!!!!! :-) (an artificial one at that!)

The obvious questions of age, weight, height, company, college, subject and what not were asked.... and like a goody goody girl I answered all of them... and then...

She: How fast did you get your job after enginerring?
Me : er.. a couple of months later (*oh funduuu eh???*)

She: hmm... what subject you studied you said?
Me : Electronics...

She: oh, you did not study computers, thats why... otherwise you'd have got the job soon..
Me: er... hmm :-) (???!!!!!!!???)

She: You are ready to leave your job right? the guy is in America...
Me: oh! (*phew, I got a reason...*) Er.... No, I've no plans of leaving my job or going to the US (*Mad or what?*)

She: Why???
Me : Er... I want to settle down in Bangalore... I'm not looking for any long term stay outside... (*WHY eh??? huh!!!*)

She: He is earning good, he has bought a car there recently, what is your problem, why do you need to work when he is well settled??
Me : Er.... I'm not interested in going there (*owwww Man, why the hell she was asking about my job, subject I studied blah blah blah if she wanted me to quit my career*)

She: Then how is it possible, after marriage you cant stay in bangalore and he in America right?
Me : hmm :-) (*lady, you are talking as if i'm already married to your son*)

She: My son has asked me to shortlist 4-5 girls and keep. he is coming in september for 20 days, coz he doesnt have much leave, he'll select one of these and get the VISA done and immediately he is planning to take the girl with him to America. You guys think and tell us if its fine with you. only then we shall proceed...
Me: hmm :-) (a super sarcastic one at that!)

My mom who was a silent spectator of the whole drama, breaks her silence now and tells out that we shall call back if we are interested (ofcourse, even she had decided by now that we would not be calling them) . The lady is about to leave, turns back and asks,

'what height did you say you were? '
I said '5.4'...
come stand next to my daughter... *Er....what???... hmph!!!!... grrrrrrrrr!!!!* [** some emotions just cant be expressed you see **] and she goes near the door and comes back again and,
'you do onething, you give her photo and horoscope, write her email address too, let them talk over internet and let them decide. who are we to talk after all. '
and there ended the saga...

I really did not understand what kind of girl this lady was looking out for. how did things like my job, or how intelligent I was in getting a job, or my subject mattered if at all she wanted a goody goody sophisticated housewife to be settled in amreeka??? Is it that only the one who has studied electronics can cook well for her son? or what is it? pssst...

And these amreeka guys I tell ya... Marriage is definetely an essential step in your life boss... dont trust on those 4-5 candidates shortlisted by your momma and those 20 damn days... Know what you are looking for in your girl first and try spending some 'quality' time in searching the one for you. After all, you'll be spending a significant part of your life with her buddy!!!

May 28, 2006


Sometimes these cold cloudy days are good...
they let you savor your bad mood...

May 23, 2006

KAPU calling.. trin trin trin...

Hello there, I'm coming ;-)

PS: For those who dont know, KAPU is a beach in UDUPI and I'm going to my native tonight and will be visiting this favorite beach of mine tomorrow :D
A view from that rock.... Ah.......

May 15, 2006


Every morning someone or the other sends these good morning sms's.... These messages talk about life, friendship, love, world, a crappy joke and what not followed by a 'Good morning :)'. But one underlying fact to be realized is that the person atleast remembered you to wish you a good morning...

Sometimes these mesages makes you think too.. I got one such message from poo in the morning.
It said...

Gyan 4 the day --

"Best love and affection can be given and taken if you follow two things.
1. dont talk if you are angry
2. dont take the words seriously from the one who is angry"
Good morning :)

which of the ones is easier??? Is it possible to be really composed and talk 'logically' when you are angry? Is it easier to forgive someone who blurts out something when he is angry?? Can we overlook those 'words' and just try to understand the 'feelings' behind them??? When our words are poking them like knife, how do you expect them to see the feeling behind them???
In one of her blogs, she had said, "A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control"

but my favorite quote says.... "some people are wise, but most of us are otherwise ;-)"

May 10, 2006

sawan barse tarse dil...

yuppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it rained... atlaaaaaaaaast :D
naaaaaaaaa na na naaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaa :D
who said bangalore is hot...huh! you should've seen the weather yesterday... it poured like anything and the BEST part is
I GOT DRENCHED...Completely :D
wah wah wah... LIFE I tell ya ;-)

And along with this, I did two of my favorite things in rain...
- had stroooong filter coffeee with alu bajji
- chatted with friends sitting cozily inside and starring at the rain through window

the complete list also includes...

- sitting inside the house with a good novel, chips and TEA :D
- rain dance... ah.............
- walking all alone...[hmm.. you can even cry, no one can make out... :'( ]
- have road side panipuri...

- after you've got drenched and it has stopt raining, and when you've started feeling really really cold, have a coffee and some garam garam chilli bajji..... slurrrrrrrrp :D
- standing along the window, starring outside and let ur thoughts run over anything and everything... you'll definetely enjoy the solitude...
- looooooooooooooong ride with someone special ;-)
- er... mebbe a long walk also will do ;-) (oh, my andekha anjana, how very lucky you are *winks*)

wow! I can see a cloud there... Phew!!!

May 05, 2006

a mail???

life is like a mail.. sometimes you just dont get it....
hmm.......... guess so... :(

April 24, 2006

Best Friends...

When I was in my primary school, the idea of my best friend was someone with whom I can play with, whom I could go for my dance class with.

When I went to my High School, the idea of a best friend was someone who was good at studying, sports, extra-curricular activities, someone who shared the same favorite movie star :).

When I went to college, the idea of a Best friend was someone with whom I could go to movies, talk about crushes, do all girly things.

I could say life was pretty much simple until this time.
When I joined my engineering, the idea of a best friend was changed to someone with whom I felt comfortable in disscussing my 'konfusions' of what-next, talk about the girl secrets, and ofcourse have FUN amidst all the Internals, Assignments, Combined studies etc.

By the time I joined work, the idea of a best friend was changed to someone with whom my 'wavelength' matched, someone with whom I could sit and chat for hours, someone with whom I could share my dreams, someone with whom even silence was comfortable, someone who shared the common 'I-hate-this-person' list :D, someone with whom I could do night outs, someone with whom I could just be just Myself.

Now I have some good friends whom I've never met in my life at all but we discuss everything under the sun.

The idea of a best friend kept on changing from time to time...
But the strange part is, some friends remained as my best friends who could fit in all the changing definitions.

I still have some of my school friends and college friends who are very much in touch with me on a day-to-day basis. The definition of friendship has grown with our age and these people fit in all the above categories :).

But something which bothers me always is that, as time passed, some of my friends who were in my best friend list at a certain point of time, is now just in a 'hi-how are you' relationship. I always wonder is it something to do with 'ME' that i'm not in touch with them? Is it a failure on my part that I couldnt 'maintain' a relationship?

But when I get a chance to talk to 'those' friends, I cant talk more than half an hour and even that will be so formal. We just run out of topics. I guess our priorities have changed in life and probably thats the reason we dont find much of things in common to talk about. Though the basic care and concern is there for each other, it cant go back to the way it was... the ease at which we used to talk to hours before has just vanished... hmph! some friendships are meant to be like that I guess...though it sounds odd, I feel some friends are seasonal, and no point brooding about it.... hmph!!! ways of life I tell ya...

April 21, 2006

My Epitaph...

Can you beat that :D
You wanna know yours??? chk this
But on a serious note, I would want it to read,
"She lived.... :)"
what about you???

April 17, 2006

did HE deserve this???

- Started his career as a stage artist in "Gubbi Veeranna" nataka academy.
- Entered into movies thru 'Bedara kannappa' after which there was no looking back.
- was someone who would give LIFE to any role he took up. How can anyone forget his roles in 'sathya harishchandra', 'Mantralaya mahime', 'Eradu kanasu', 'Babruvahana', 'Kaviratna Kalidasa', 'Emme Thammanna', 'Tenali rama', 'Sampathige sawal', 'Bhale hucha', 'Kasthoori nivasa', 'Gandhada gudi', oh, the list just goes on. A Natasarvabhouma in its true sense!!!
- Received an honorary doctorate from Mysore University, 10 Filmfare awards for different categories, a National award for singing, Padma bhushana and Dada saheb Phalke award from the Govt of India and won millions of hearts...

- Some people might claim that he never did anything to the society. He might not have opened schools or hospitals for the public, but the simple man that he was, he did his best whatever he took up. Knowing the social responsibility he had, never did he smoke, or use foul language on screen.
- He used to address people as 'abhimani devarugale', and it was not just a word, he was someone who believed in that. A school dropout which he was, he had no shame in accepting it in public and acknowledging that he came up only because of his fans. So many people wanted him to join politics, and he just kept away from all that saying he is not intelligent enough to do all that.
- Even when he passed away, he gave light to two blinds as a part of his last wish.

- barged into his house as soon as the news of his demise was announced. broke the gate, door, window panes of his house.
- As a "mark of respect" to the legand, THE fans went on a rampage in and around Bangalore. Glass panes of showrooms were broken, shutters of stores were forcibly downed, cars and motorcycles were toppled over and torched, er... an attempt to FORCE people to mourn??? huh???
- Next day the whole city was shut down!!!
- People who came near cameramen were so happy to appear on Television that they were jumping and dancing. They were so proud to be witnessed by the whole Janta while they were stoning people and burning vehicles. Damn!!!

- The Van carrying the Dead body was stopt somewhere in the middle of the road coz his so-called FANS wanted the van to take some route of their choice.
- To top the whole thing, PEOPLE did not allow the family members to do the last rites of the hero. The mob was getting so violent that they had to DUMP the body in the pit and run away from that place. The family went back to the place again at 9 o clk in the night to continue the last rites.

Now people might claim its not the Fans but it was totally a politically driven act and all that, but even if thats the case, who have chosen those 'leaders'??? At the end of the day the most disheartening fact which remains is our hero went away from us and WE gave such a bad farewell...
what a SHAME!!!
did he really deserve this ?

April 11, 2006

will you......?

This post is written in the fond remembrance of all the prospective grooms (er...can include their parents too) all around the globe :). Any resemblance to anybody alive or dead ;-) is purely coincidental and the author takes no responsibilites :D

Ya.... now coming to the point,
when ever I used to see some funny ads which come in the matrimonial section of TOI or the forwards which we get about matrimony, I used to wonder about the level of exaggeration.
But Boss, such things do happen in real life too.

To start with, the profile pics which people generally send will be the ones delicately chosen from a lot which are fine tuned after adding some special effects (in addition to those artificial smiles) in some posh photo labs. And Yet, the end product will be very very faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from the actual self.

And next comes the Bio-data. Mannnn, how much do they boast about thier accomplishments (er... if thats what they call it). A few excerpts from the ones I've seen/heard...

Green Card holder/US returned...
(adds WEIGHTage to the resume)

I'm planning to settle in down in US for ASSET creation...
(Ahem Ahem, no comments ;-) )

Girl should be a "BE" but I prefer a housewife...
(What the.............. argh!!!)

Girl should know how to cook coz I'm a big foodie...
(Ek bavarchie ko kyon nahi dhondthe ho bhaiyya??? )

The girl has to be not more than 60 kgs...
(but he can be a hippo, huh?)

She needs to be FAIR...
(Ya, gift me a bleaching powder, you moron!!)

My Girl should be not more than 5.2...
(coz, hez 5.4.... pssssssssst)

I love my parents (oh! ya, we all hate them...) , she should be loving too (pssst, psst!!!)

I'm looking for a long term married life...
(=)) but we just want a short term honey ;-))

My ancestors are living in this city for more than 250 years...
(duuuuude!!! some of ur ancestors are still on trees =)) )

we are familiar with atleast 100 families in this city...
(oye hoye, now i really have doubt, have you escaped from some jungle???)

The girl needs to wear atleast 1000 gms of gold...
(!!! !$$!##&!!!!!!)

I have nothing to talk to the girl, its enuff if my parents talk...
(BOYYY, whom is she marrying??? )

Sheesh, why do we live life so much as a mater-of-fact?
Buddy, shez the one with whom you are gonna spend the rest of your life... Is this all what is important to you???? Is this all your requirements???

April 06, 2006

Surprise............ :D

One of my favorite quotes is,
"life is full of surprises, but never when you need one..."
who says so....

Bugged of this mundane life which makes me sit in front of the boring black monitor whole day, I was feeling so low from past 2-3 days. Today, around afternoon, I get a call from the reception telling I have a visitor. I go and see, I have a sweetest friend of mine waiting for me with a smile and holding a pink gerbera in hand :D and the best part is my friend even joined me for lunch :D
WOW!!! was I jumping with JOY or what...
The gerbera is decorating my desk, and each time I have a look at it, it undoubtedly exchanges a smile with me :)
Some times such small gestures means soooooooo much :)

Some people make life seem so beautiful by just being a part of it :)

March 31, 2006

a guy and a girl...

Just 'friends'???
Ya, y not. who said there cant be pure friendship between a guy and a girl. Last year, when I was attending one of my best friend's wedding, one female had asked me...
'aap dono husband/wife hein?'
I said 'nahi tho' (*haaan?????*),
'tho, bhai behan hai?'
huh! I felt the poor lady thinks there cant be anything other than husband/wife love or the brother/sister affection between a guy and a girl.
huh!!! huh!!! huh!!!
Most of the times we feel more comfortable to discuss many issues with a friend who belongs to the oppsite clan. Probably its the difference in the perspective or the basic differences in the attitude towards things which makes us bond together fast.

As a friendship grows its quite easy to develop an intense admiration and attachment towards the other person and as the line between friendly and romantic feelings is too fine to cross over, it usuall does. No, Not always,. There could be many friends with whom we cant think of anything else.
but in certain cases,
just friends????
hmm, quite dicey actually!!!

There will be a phase where in you know its not just friendship, you are not sure if its something else, dont want to give a 'name' to whateverrrrr it is, just want to live in those times. I guess the relation will be at a very delicate state at this time and even if both are interested towards each other, nobody wants to break the ice, coz it involves lot of complexities. Its not just a fear of Rejection, but also the fear of losing someone so close, fear of losing the friendship, fear of what-next???

Just popping up the 'L' word will be a bad idea. Though under normal circumstances such a moment is a matter of honor for (wo)men coz the mental counter of "people who've fallen for me" is promptly incremented. Sadly, not all moments are so relishable especially when its between two friends. A simple Yes or No is going to change so many equations.

But there needs to be an end to all the confusions right? Do I really like her so much? Is he the right one for me? How serious are we? Do I want to work it out? Its good to ask ourselves some basic questions right? if you find answers for these, then comes the question "can 'we' work it out"...

I guess once there is a definite answer to these questions, you can move ahead. Instead of making it so formal, you can just look into the others eyes and ask 'where do u think its going ;-) ? ' I guess its a more subtle way of telling and making things not sound awkward :) If it works fine, well and good. and if it doesnt,
I know its not easy to come back and say we are just friends after a decision has been taken against it, but then atleast its clear of what you want, and where is this heading. Eventually mebbe the interactions would reduce, there mebbe certain not-so-comfortable moments, but then, we all love to live in the la-la-land, but when we wake up and realize it was not that nice a dream, then we should not have lost the courage to dream again, life has to move on... after all the show must go on right???..... :)

PS: Now dont start asking questions like, 'experienced huh?' and stuff...Er.... actually, you can say few things give a dejavu... ;)

March 23, 2006


A couple of days back, I was chatting with a friend of mine about relationships and how to keep them alive. My friend was under the impression that people will get bored of each other after a certain time in any relationship. So, to keep the chemistry on, they need to keep doing something consciously about it.

My friend even gave an anology of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin cant be praised just coz he scored 35 centuries some years back, he needs to prove himself each time he enters the field, if he doesnt play, people will obviously 'booh' at him.

But I quite dint get how this analogy could be applied to relationships. Even I do agree after the initial charm fades away its natural to take the other person for 'granted'. But getting bored of someone??? That is something new to me. I see my parents living together for more than 25 years. I've never found my dad talking any mushy talks to my mom nor getting her some bunch of gerbera flowers to keep her happy, then what is it that which keeps them going?
Are they not bored of each other?
how do I make sure someone will not get bored of me?
Is it any battleground that I need to prove myself each day?
I can be just ME :-

March 21, 2006

when it pours....

Morning starts with collecting passes for a Rock Show with a friend of mine... a joshed up morning I must say...
Breakfast plan messed coz of an 'unavoidable' call with an 'unavoidable' onsite co-ordinator...
After the call get to know that I have hell lot of work and the deadline is the same day!!... hmph!! but optimism is thy name, so start the work with a hurricane speed...
Get to know that a leave for Monday which is supposed to be one of my best friends engagement is not approved... :-... some curse to my manager... and then, work work work!!!...
5.20pm, work completed, sending a status mail to the onsite, but get to know we need to call up and 'update' him coz my PL 'assumes' that the mail is not sufficient and it'll be better if we stay back... grrrr!!! okie..
ROCK SHOW down the drain!!...
one last hope, let me make up for it by going out for a dinner... plan to leave office by 7...
get to know at 6.30 that we could call at 7 coz our PL thinks that we need not have to disturb our onsite co-ordinator as soon as he gets into office and we could call around 8.30 his time... duhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FINE!!! dinner Cancelled...
Go to the conf room around 7... wait for the other side of the receiver to be picked till 7.30 and then realize that nobody is there, and get back to our seat....
Around 7.45, get a call from onsite telling that he was stuck in a traffic jam??? BEAT THAT!!! This guy is in Detroit, Traffic jam? I dint know Detroit had a Hosur Road...huh!!!
and I just wanted to blog about this on that day itself... wrote the whole Ramayan, wanted to publish, and guess what?
WOW! Just this was left....
when it rains, it pours.... oh yeah!!!

March 15, 2006

a software engineers holi.....

Happy holi :)


March 08, 2006

Its our day...Er.... Yeah..

Few days back when I was scanning thru channels, I happend to catch a program on CNN-IBN where they were talking about bride-shopping.
Oh, Bride-shopping? I thought it must be something to do with sarees, jewellery, accessories so on... but No, it was actually men shopping for a 'bride herself'.

Apparently, there is a village 'Chochra' in Haryana. The low sex ratio in this place has made them 'buy' marriageable females from other villages. There are middle men who take up this task of match making and who can get you a bride at a 'cheaper' rate. In case of a poor families there are instances where a family of 7 brothers have married a single female as they cant afford to marry one each.
Can you beat that???

On the same day I heard some politician talking hours together on how the western influence is spoiling our women and why valentines day is against our culture. huh, what an irony!!! I wonder what kind of justification these leaders give for such practices? I still cant digest, one woman marrying 7 brothers... Sheeeesh...
what a world we live in...

Oh I forgot, Happy women's day!!!

March 02, 2006


Is there something like that?
A profound friend of mine always says, there are two kind of people in the world, one set of people who take life as it comes, and the second one who define life on their terms.
Ya, I do agree with him and I believe I belong to the first category.
I've always been a person who embraces whatever comes my way and accept life. And i'm a believer of destiny. I strongly feel someone somewhere is made just for me, people we meet, things we do, the roles we take up is all defined before (else, how do you explain Devegowda becoming prime minister ;-) ), and its upto us to go ahead from there. (Er.... am I sounding strange??!!??).
I love living a life as there is no tomorrow.
But the other set of people plan everything so much ahead of time. They know what/when/why they are doing things, coz everything is PLANNED. Lead a systematic life. Feel bad when things dont go their way, learn from the mistake, next time plan things in a more organized way, so on and so forth.

I sometimes wonder, am I being aloof about my own life? Am I running away from my responsibilities by just giving a mask of happy-go-lucky look? :-.
Naaaaah,.... It doesnt mean I dont plan for the future and work towards it, its just that I dont spend sleepless nights worrying about the future or brood about the past.

just thinking!!!

February 23, 2006

Navjeevan Express...

They met...
They spoke...

He : If there is something called as 'soulmate', you are the one for me.
She : YES, even I want to be :)

The first page of a new book I'm reading... hmm, seems really interesting!

February 14, 2006


A day full of masti... supposed to be window shopping, but landed up buying a typical my-kinda tshirt. A blue tshirt with collar, it was too irresistable :P. Went to BDA, had panipuri and jalebi :D Er.. how can an evening end without a coffee, so, a caffein kick to mark the end of the day.
Went back home and was so damn tired, just wanted to sleep.. and I did too, but got this weirder than the weird-most weirdest dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
I’m sitting alone with my orange/yellow stripes calvin t-shirt…
Here comes a guy….bent on his knees….with a mug of Tea in his hand and says
‘khushi, You always say tea is your life, can I be the tea for your life??’’
Haaan???’…. and I believe from that day on, I would stop drinking tea…
This is all the dream was.... ;;)

And I was sharing this with a friend of mine and he happened to ask me how the guy was looking like, and my reply was, ‘oh I don’t remember, but that guy had a sexy black colour mug in his hand and I was concentrating more on that :D'
and he was like, with full difficulty atleast in your dreams someone proposed you and you just remember the mug which he was holding.... pssst...
ha ha ha.... do you think people call me foodie with no reason ;-)

I just remember a pickup line

ha ha ha!

PS: NO, this post is nowhere related to Valentines day, it was just there in my drafts since long, which I chose to publish it now. Btw, Happy Valentines day, Love and be Loved! :)

February 07, 2006

LIFE.... so simple :)

Mom says death is as natural as birth, and its all part of life cycle...

She also says we dont really understand it, but there are many things we dont understand and we just have to do the BEST with the knowledge we have before going...
I guess it makes sense...

but i dont want to go anywhere :(

Ah..... dont you worry :)

February 02, 2006


We meet so many people in a day. We hit off well with certain people instantaneously, Certain people manage to settle just in the acquaintance list, but most of the times it takes time to connect to a person, to form a bond, to develop a relationship (No, I’m not talking about the so called ‘relatives’ who are forced upon us).
This bond keeps getting strengthened or weekend as the time goes and the situations we face. Sometimes I wonder what is the essence of a relationship.

What is that something with which we form a strong bond? And
What is that something which acts as a last thread between two people and if its broken the relationship is nowhere?

Is it Compatibility?, i.e., how well you connect to the other person? Ya, mebbe when you feel comfortable with a person, when you can be yourself with a person, there is nothing like it. Or, No, there are so many people in the world who are so different, who really can’t connect to each other, yet they are together?

Is it Trust?, hmm? Mebbe or Mebbe not. We all live in a hope. We trust somebody, and when its broken, we feel bad, but yet live with a hope that things will get well. It will definitely take some ample amount of time to build the trust again, but maybe it depends on the genuineness of the other individual.

Mutual Respect? Hmm, maybe. Maybe if we loose respect on somebody we won’t feel comfortable with them. We might not be able to continue with the relationship.

Personal space? If someone is intruding too much into our space, then probably its very difficult to take it. But the other way round is also not acceptable, that is when the other one is too much aloof about our life. teri-life-teri-marzi kinds...naaah!.. hmm personal space could also be a reason.

Care about the other person? Hmm, there are so many relationships where we don’t see the two having the same wavelength, they don’t share anything in common, but just the basic care/concern/affection about the other person holds the bond.

Physical attraction? But for how many days? we all grow old, we all wont look the same way we do now. Maybe it can act like a catalyst in the chemistry between the two, but anything beyond that? Er....... I dont think so.

Commitment? Ya, lots of relations stand on this last thread I guess. Though both are not happy with anything happening with them, they are together just coz they are committed to each other and can’t face the reality and the society.

Or is it the combination of all of these?
hmph! seems like a jigsaw puzzle indeed!

I just remember a song from page-3 whenever I think of relationships...
Kitney ajeeb rishtey hein jahaan pe,
Do pal milte hein, saath saath chalthein hein,
Jab modh aye tho, bachke nikalthe hein,
Kitney ajeeb rishtey hein jahaan pe...


January 30, 2006

A Generation Awakens...

This is the tagline of the movie Rang De Basanti. I can most definetly say it is one of the BEST movies I've seen oflate. The screenplay, the storyline, the starcast(its amazing to see how each of them go into the character so well), songs, so much and more.
I really liked the way they have connected the freedom fight to today's corruption. Our freedom fighters were fighting against the Britishers whereas today we have come to a stage where we need to fight against our own corrupt politicians.
The gradual change of fun loving brats into a bunch of responsible individuals is shown very neatly.

The dialogue of Atul kulkarni on sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hein can really leave you with goosebumps.

The Jallianwala Bagh massacre will make your eyes go wet :(.

The way maddy proposes.. er.... (okey, go find out)... is damn cute :P

The smile of Maddy, the look of Sidharth and the chiseled face of Kunal kapoor can just leave you with just one word 'WOW'!

The Phirang female Sue is a real eye Candy ;-)

The dialogues of last scene, Let me not reveal the story of the movie and spoil the fun for people who are planning to watch it. But DO WATCH IT, its really a good one :)

I really donno if the movie can awaken a generation, but it'll definetely make people THINK.

January 25, 2006

Kodagina Bedagi's...

This new year really brought new surprises to me. First was the parasailing experience, then was the Prize what we got for winning a quiz in office. We won a second place and the prize was a KSTDC package tour for coorg :D
Three musketeers...
Two days...
One Mission... "Fun"...

The Tibetian Monastry...

View From Talakaveri...

We showed some mercy on the elephants in Dubare Forest by deciding not to go in elephant-safari and stayed back to play in water for almost 2 hours \:d/ ...

If I complete my post without mentioning about TWO important things, then my soul will definetly not rest in peace.

- All three of us are bigtime foooooooooooooodies :D. We had packed enough and more chakli, kodbale, Haldiram-samosa, Lays (some 4 flavours), Kurkure for 2 days. We just had them when we got bored in between our Biryani's, Fried rice, Idly-vada's and Poori's you see ;-). In Sanskrit they say Sarva Roga Nivarini which means curer of all ailments, and we used FOOD for that purpose. Headache? 'eat something, everything will be fine', Stomach ache? Mebbe you dint have food properly... And as Newton's third law goes, every action has equal and opposite reaction, so, this had to the end of the 2nd day, one of my frns badly needed a BREAK (;-)) from this. and that was when our theory of Sarva-Roga-Nivarini proved wrong :( (Ha Ha Ha, all 3 of us couldnt stop stop laughing after that :)))

- Second one is something about our interesting(!!!) tour GUIDE. He just took us back in time when we were in school where our Class teacher is standing and giving us instructions. Guys, see that place- 5 min time, go for susu-10 min time, have lunch-20 min time, Look to your right, Look to your left... sigh!
Sheesh, what a nerd he was :-B
Some of his QUOTES (:-O)

Welcome to Khey-Yes-Thi-Dhi-See...

(that was the first statement we heard from him and we got to know his Ishtyle ;-)

phasht phasht breakphasht
(he gave only 31 seconds for that, can you believe?? huh!)

Welcome to coorg, the main community in coorg is Coorgies
(grrrrrrrrrrrr, wt the........arggggggggggghhhhh)

look to your right, there is a beautiful view
(after another 10 mins, )
look (*man!!!!!!!!!!!!, dont tell me*) to your left, there is a beautiful view
(ROTFL, Literally)

Look at the beautiful ladies... they've worn special sarees... that is the traditional way of Coorgi females
(*saleko zaroor maar padega*)

Lets have a break for 5 minutes and its only for ladies.... we are not going to stop anywhere else, its specially for ladies to go to toilets... No coffee/Tea, only Toilets...
=)) =)) =)) =))

(man, wt was he upto!!!)

Atlast when we reached back to bangalore, our dude takes the mike again and starts...

Thank you for choosing Khey-Yes-Thi-Dhi-See... Happy Journey (*haaaaaaaaaaaan?????*)... er.... Happy Journey for all your future journys...


PS: Kodagina Bedagis translate to "Coorg Beauties"
Kodagu was the old name of Coorg and Bedagi in kannada means Beauty :)

January 16, 2006

Dreams... hopes... possessiveness...

WOW! It brings so many sweet thoughts in mind... long beach walks, playing in water, running in the sand, sitting on the shore talking to the nature, making sand castles.... ya...... Making sand castles is one of my favourite things to do...

You make the castle with utmost care...

It builds up into something which you wanted it to be...

It may not be looking good/making sense for people around you, but how should it matter?
Its your Masterpiece :)
and when someone tries to destroy it, why does it hurt so much?

It was from nowhere, If it gets destroyed, I can always create a new one... I have an ocean full of sand... I can always start afresh... Is it just that i'm Scared? Scared of what? Half an hour back there was nothing there..., Why do I get possessive about something which was never mine and feel bad when I get a sense of loosing it??? After I walk out from here, I know my castle is gonna break either by someone stamping on it or by a rattling wave...
Is it the dream which is getting shattered? Is it the hope that my castle will prevail for long? or is it just the possessiveness?


Calvin Uvacha...

At night, My mind does not much care...
If what it thinks is here or there...
It tells me stories it invents and makes up things that don't make sense...
I don't know why it does this stuff...
The real world seems quite weird enough...

January 09, 2006

The Last Leaf…

RANGA SHANKARA is holding a theatre festival called Ranga-Shankrathi as a part of their New Year and Pongal celebrations. I’d heard a lot about this theatre but this is the first time I went there. Myself and a friend of mine somehow managed to creep into the theatre by 7.20 as we knew they’d close the doors by 7.30 and won’t let anyone in after that. I’d never seen a theatre so well organized, the strict timings, the neat seating arrangements, making people switch off their cell phones and all that.
I went there for a play called Last Leaf, a story by O’ Henry.

The Story revolves around 3 main characters, Johnsy, Sue and Berman. Johnsy and Sue were friends and were living in the same house. They had similar interests in art and had a studio for themselves. Mr Berman is an old painter who used to live in the ground floor of the same building. He is a big boozard and always talks about some masterpiece which he is intending to do.

In the cold winter of November, Johnsy is attacked with Pneumonia and it gets so severe that the doctor tells Sue about the chances of Johnsy’s survival are one in ten and that one chance is her want-to-live. When Sue gets back to the room, she finds Johnsy counting something looking at the window. When Sue asks her as to what she was doing, Johnsy replies telling she is counting the leaves in the Ivy vine on the brick wall outside the window and she is sure she’d die by the time the last leaf falls from the vine. Sue gets very irritated to hear this but feels very helpless at the state of her dear friend on whom even the doctors had lost hope.

Sue comes to Mr Berman's house to ask him to pose for some of her painting which she was supposed to do for an advertising agency. She finds Berman stinking strongly with his gin, and one corner lay his white canvas which is waiting since years to receive his masterpiece. Berman learns from Sue about Johnsy’s pneumonia and the story of her last leaf of the Ivy vine and laughs at it. That night, Sue makes Berman pose like a hermit for her painting but finds the gusting wind and a fierceful rain which makes Berman head back home.

The next day Johnsy wakes up with a sure thought that the last leaf in the vine would have fallen coz of the rain which had poured all night, but for her surprise finds it clinging to its vine strongly. The same story repeats for another two days and Johnsy starts sensing that something has made the last leaf stay strong at its stem, which may be giving her a message that she was wrong looking forward to die. And this sudden realization, the want to live, makes her overcome her fears and she starts recovering from her disease.

The next day, they learn that Mr Berman died out of Pneumonia. He was found with a lantern, a ladder, some scattered brushes, and a palette with green and yellow colors mixed on it. The reason for the last leaf seen from the window, which was unshaken by the winds and was never fluttered by the rain was coz, it was a painting of Berman, his Masterpiece, which he painted the night when the last leaf fell…

The story was so very touching… I was almost into tears when I heard the last dialogue telling it’s the masterpiece of Berman… through out the play there was a song telling ‘Life is to Love, Life is to Live…
How very true it is, Most of the times we are trying to be Johnsys just fearing about the last leafs, we often forget to LOVE the LIFE, being bermans is quite not possible for everyone, but atleast we can LIVE our life by not just waiting for that Last Leaf…

O Henry….^:)^