July 29, 2009

new people, new place and a new phase...

Its different...
the gang I freak out with, the people I walk around, the food I eat outside, my routine, my life! no deadlines, no work pressure, no emi worries, no traffic, no credit card tension, and far from my dear ones :(. everything has changed.. suddenly!
for long i've been wanting a normal life. I was really really tired of everything, I was badly waiting for a simple life. and now I have it!
Its been close to 2 months I've relocated to London along with Hero, and so far, so good!

PS: Had to struggle a lot to get the internet working in the new house, thats why the delay in posting. Hopefully will be regular from now :)
PPS: and the foodie in me made me start a new food blog under: http://ellarumaduvuduhottegagi.wordpress.com/ [as though being irregular in one blog wasnt sufficient :P]