May 30, 2006


These guys in US are damn busy I must say... Managing the clients on one hand, offshore folks on the other, a complete mechanical life, weekends go in partying and then wait for the next weekend... they just dont find time for anything you see.... nope nothing! not even time to choose a girl for them to spend the rest of their life with... so mostly they transfer this headache(!!!) to their momma's...
When I visited my native last week for prasad's wedding, I met one such momma...


She: A lean female aged around 50+, wearing a super jatang kancheevaram silk saree, with some 4-5 gold neck laces, some 10+ gold bangles on each hand, one big ear ring and a specs (Gold frame!)...

Me: A definetely-cant-be-termed-as-lean-in-any-angle female clanned in super jatang saree (as it was a gift from prasad for his wedding), wearing some minimal jewellery which all marriageable girls (ahem) must wear in mangalore, giving artificial smiles to all the known strangers and walking around...

She along with her daughter enter the Scene (read my granny's house, which is just next to the marriage hall) where me, padi(a cousin brother) and my mom are sitting.

She: Oh, this is the girl???
Me : ?!!!!?!!!!?!!!!! :-) (an artificial one at that!)

The obvious questions of age, weight, height, company, college, subject and what not were asked.... and like a goody goody girl I answered all of them... and then...

She: How fast did you get your job after enginerring?
Me : er.. a couple of months later (*oh funduuu eh???*)

She: hmm... what subject you studied you said?
Me : Electronics...

She: oh, you did not study computers, thats why... otherwise you'd have got the job soon..
Me: er... hmm :-) (???!!!!!!!???)

She: You are ready to leave your job right? the guy is in America...
Me: oh! (*phew, I got a reason...*) Er.... No, I've no plans of leaving my job or going to the US (*Mad or what?*)

She: Why???
Me : Er... I want to settle down in Bangalore... I'm not looking for any long term stay outside... (*WHY eh??? huh!!!*)

She: He is earning good, he has bought a car there recently, what is your problem, why do you need to work when he is well settled??
Me : Er.... I'm not interested in going there (*owwww Man, why the hell she was asking about my job, subject I studied blah blah blah if she wanted me to quit my career*)

She: Then how is it possible, after marriage you cant stay in bangalore and he in America right?
Me : hmm :-) (*lady, you are talking as if i'm already married to your son*)

She: My son has asked me to shortlist 4-5 girls and keep. he is coming in september for 20 days, coz he doesnt have much leave, he'll select one of these and get the VISA done and immediately he is planning to take the girl with him to America. You guys think and tell us if its fine with you. only then we shall proceed...
Me: hmm :-) (a super sarcastic one at that!)

My mom who was a silent spectator of the whole drama, breaks her silence now and tells out that we shall call back if we are interested (ofcourse, even she had decided by now that we would not be calling them) . The lady is about to leave, turns back and asks,

'what height did you say you were? '
I said '5.4'...
come stand next to my daughter... *Er....what???... hmph!!!!... grrrrrrrrr!!!!* [** some emotions just cant be expressed you see **] and she goes near the door and comes back again and,
'you do onething, you give her photo and horoscope, write her email address too, let them talk over internet and let them decide. who are we to talk after all. '
and there ended the saga...

I really did not understand what kind of girl this lady was looking out for. how did things like my job, or how intelligent I was in getting a job, or my subject mattered if at all she wanted a goody goody sophisticated housewife to be settled in amreeka??? Is it that only the one who has studied electronics can cook well for her son? or what is it? pssst...

And these amreeka guys I tell ya... Marriage is definetely an essential step in your life boss... dont trust on those 4-5 candidates shortlisted by your momma and those 20 damn days... Know what you are looking for in your girl first and try spending some 'quality' time in searching the one for you. After all, you'll be spending a significant part of your life with her buddy!!!

May 28, 2006


Sometimes these cold cloudy days are good...
they let you savor your bad mood...

May 23, 2006

KAPU calling.. trin trin trin...

Hello there, I'm coming ;-)

PS: For those who dont know, KAPU is a beach in UDUPI and I'm going to my native tonight and will be visiting this favorite beach of mine tomorrow :D
A view from that rock.... Ah.......

May 15, 2006


Every morning someone or the other sends these good morning sms's.... These messages talk about life, friendship, love, world, a crappy joke and what not followed by a 'Good morning :)'. But one underlying fact to be realized is that the person atleast remembered you to wish you a good morning...

Sometimes these mesages makes you think too.. I got one such message from poo in the morning.
It said...

Gyan 4 the day --

"Best love and affection can be given and taken if you follow two things.
1. dont talk if you are angry
2. dont take the words seriously from the one who is angry"
Good morning :)

which of the ones is easier??? Is it possible to be really composed and talk 'logically' when you are angry? Is it easier to forgive someone who blurts out something when he is angry?? Can we overlook those 'words' and just try to understand the 'feelings' behind them??? When our words are poking them like knife, how do you expect them to see the feeling behind them???
In one of her blogs, she had said, "A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control"

but my favorite quote says.... "some people are wise, but most of us are otherwise ;-)"

May 10, 2006

sawan barse tarse dil...

yuppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it rained... atlaaaaaaaaast :D
naaaaaaaaa na na naaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaa :D
who said bangalore is hot...huh! you should've seen the weather yesterday... it poured like anything and the BEST part is
I GOT DRENCHED...Completely :D
wah wah wah... LIFE I tell ya ;-)

And along with this, I did two of my favorite things in rain...
- had stroooong filter coffeee with alu bajji
- chatted with friends sitting cozily inside and starring at the rain through window

the complete list also includes...

- sitting inside the house with a good novel, chips and TEA :D
- rain dance... ah.............
- walking all alone...[hmm.. you can even cry, no one can make out... :'( ]
- have road side panipuri...

- after you've got drenched and it has stopt raining, and when you've started feeling really really cold, have a coffee and some garam garam chilli bajji..... slurrrrrrrrp :D
- standing along the window, starring outside and let ur thoughts run over anything and everything... you'll definetely enjoy the solitude...
- looooooooooooooong ride with someone special ;-)
- er... mebbe a long walk also will do ;-) (oh, my andekha anjana, how very lucky you are *winks*)

wow! I can see a cloud there... Phew!!!

May 05, 2006

a mail???

life is like a mail.. sometimes you just dont get it....
hmm.......... guess so... :(