March 26, 2007

when the music changes, so does the dance...

My dad was(is) a great fan of Vijayanti mala bali and Hema malini's dance and he had thought one day even his daughter would become a great dancer. So, even before I could think whether it interests me or not, I started my 'thaiya thai'(that is the first step in Bharatanatyam) when I was 6. But absolutely no complains, I thoroughly enjoyed it :). Be it a Farewell party for a teacher or the Annual day at school, I used to be on stage all the time :).

Even from our dance class, we used to give lots of performances, but more than that, we were all enjoying the practice sessions a lot. We had a famous ballet called 'Daiveche' (which was on atma linga of GOKARNA) which we had peformed 13 and a half times ;). I shall blog about this 'half ballet' again as its a long and interesting story in itself!. I cleared a couple of dance certifications and got scholarship for 3 years from Karnataka State :).

When I started my PU, there was lot of pressure as that was supposed to be the turning point in ones life as told by the whole world and I had to quit dance! May be I could have managed it together, but frankly speaking, I never felt anything then, May be I'd taken it for granted :-. After sometime, I started realizing that may be I should continue it again, but thanks to the college I studied, I had to go to tuitions whole day to get atleast a 35. Tell me something, how is studying Transducers and Instrumentation (a subject in 5sem) helping me in my life today? ah... all credits to the VTU syllabus! And after BE, I was more concentrating on a job, career et al...

Now, with a new job, I thought I shall start dance too, but this time I wanted to try something new, so I thought of joining ODISSI :D. I started my 'tha ithi thaka dhimi tha'(the first step I learnt in Odissi) now when I'm 26. Gosh! I'm sure my first step at 6, wasnt this difficult at all. An Unfit body, a bad stamina, abundant fat all over, but still there is something which is making me look forward to every weekend for my classes. I dont think I can be (rather I dont even plan to be) a great dancer as my dad had thought, for that matter, I dont even know how long I can continue it because of the nature of my work, but I guess I'll give my best to learn and I shall enjoy every bit of it until i'm doing it :-D.

On a lighter note, there goes a chinese proverb, 'We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance ;)' he he