March 31, 2006

a guy and a girl...

Just 'friends'???
Ya, y not. who said there cant be pure friendship between a guy and a girl. Last year, when I was attending one of my best friend's wedding, one female had asked me...
'aap dono husband/wife hein?'
I said 'nahi tho' (*haaan?????*),
'tho, bhai behan hai?'
huh! I felt the poor lady thinks there cant be anything other than husband/wife love or the brother/sister affection between a guy and a girl.
huh!!! huh!!! huh!!!
Most of the times we feel more comfortable to discuss many issues with a friend who belongs to the oppsite clan. Probably its the difference in the perspective or the basic differences in the attitude towards things which makes us bond together fast.

As a friendship grows its quite easy to develop an intense admiration and attachment towards the other person and as the line between friendly and romantic feelings is too fine to cross over, it usuall does. No, Not always,. There could be many friends with whom we cant think of anything else.
but in certain cases,
just friends????
hmm, quite dicey actually!!!

There will be a phase where in you know its not just friendship, you are not sure if its something else, dont want to give a 'name' to whateverrrrr it is, just want to live in those times. I guess the relation will be at a very delicate state at this time and even if both are interested towards each other, nobody wants to break the ice, coz it involves lot of complexities. Its not just a fear of Rejection, but also the fear of losing someone so close, fear of losing the friendship, fear of what-next???

Just popping up the 'L' word will be a bad idea. Though under normal circumstances such a moment is a matter of honor for (wo)men coz the mental counter of "people who've fallen for me" is promptly incremented. Sadly, not all moments are so relishable especially when its between two friends. A simple Yes or No is going to change so many equations.

But there needs to be an end to all the confusions right? Do I really like her so much? Is he the right one for me? How serious are we? Do I want to work it out? Its good to ask ourselves some basic questions right? if you find answers for these, then comes the question "can 'we' work it out"...

I guess once there is a definite answer to these questions, you can move ahead. Instead of making it so formal, you can just look into the others eyes and ask 'where do u think its going ;-) ? ' I guess its a more subtle way of telling and making things not sound awkward :) If it works fine, well and good. and if it doesnt,
I know its not easy to come back and say we are just friends after a decision has been taken against it, but then atleast its clear of what you want, and where is this heading. Eventually mebbe the interactions would reduce, there mebbe certain not-so-comfortable moments, but then, we all love to live in the la-la-land, but when we wake up and realize it was not that nice a dream, then we should not have lost the courage to dream again, life has to move on... after all the show must go on right???..... :)

PS: Now dont start asking questions like, 'experienced huh?' and stuff...Er.... actually, you can say few things give a dejavu... ;)

March 23, 2006


A couple of days back, I was chatting with a friend of mine about relationships and how to keep them alive. My friend was under the impression that people will get bored of each other after a certain time in any relationship. So, to keep the chemistry on, they need to keep doing something consciously about it.

My friend even gave an anology of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin cant be praised just coz he scored 35 centuries some years back, he needs to prove himself each time he enters the field, if he doesnt play, people will obviously 'booh' at him.

But I quite dint get how this analogy could be applied to relationships. Even I do agree after the initial charm fades away its natural to take the other person for 'granted'. But getting bored of someone??? That is something new to me. I see my parents living together for more than 25 years. I've never found my dad talking any mushy talks to my mom nor getting her some bunch of gerbera flowers to keep her happy, then what is it that which keeps them going?
Are they not bored of each other?
how do I make sure someone will not get bored of me?
Is it any battleground that I need to prove myself each day?
I can be just ME :-

March 21, 2006

when it pours....

Morning starts with collecting passes for a Rock Show with a friend of mine... a joshed up morning I must say...
Breakfast plan messed coz of an 'unavoidable' call with an 'unavoidable' onsite co-ordinator...
After the call get to know that I have hell lot of work and the deadline is the same day!!... hmph!! but optimism is thy name, so start the work with a hurricane speed...
Get to know that a leave for Monday which is supposed to be one of my best friends engagement is not approved... :-... some curse to my manager... and then, work work work!!!...
5.20pm, work completed, sending a status mail to the onsite, but get to know we need to call up and 'update' him coz my PL 'assumes' that the mail is not sufficient and it'll be better if we stay back... grrrr!!! okie..
ROCK SHOW down the drain!!...
one last hope, let me make up for it by going out for a dinner... plan to leave office by 7...
get to know at 6.30 that we could call at 7 coz our PL thinks that we need not have to disturb our onsite co-ordinator as soon as he gets into office and we could call around 8.30 his time... duhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FINE!!! dinner Cancelled...
Go to the conf room around 7... wait for the other side of the receiver to be picked till 7.30 and then realize that nobody is there, and get back to our seat....
Around 7.45, get a call from onsite telling that he was stuck in a traffic jam??? BEAT THAT!!! This guy is in Detroit, Traffic jam? I dint know Detroit had a Hosur Road...huh!!!
and I just wanted to blog about this on that day itself... wrote the whole Ramayan, wanted to publish, and guess what?
WOW! Just this was left....
when it rains, it pours.... oh yeah!!!

March 15, 2006

a software engineers holi.....

Happy holi :)


March 08, 2006

Its our day...Er.... Yeah..

Few days back when I was scanning thru channels, I happend to catch a program on CNN-IBN where they were talking about bride-shopping.
Oh, Bride-shopping? I thought it must be something to do with sarees, jewellery, accessories so on... but No, it was actually men shopping for a 'bride herself'.

Apparently, there is a village 'Chochra' in Haryana. The low sex ratio in this place has made them 'buy' marriageable females from other villages. There are middle men who take up this task of match making and who can get you a bride at a 'cheaper' rate. In case of a poor families there are instances where a family of 7 brothers have married a single female as they cant afford to marry one each.
Can you beat that???

On the same day I heard some politician talking hours together on how the western influence is spoiling our women and why valentines day is against our culture. huh, what an irony!!! I wonder what kind of justification these leaders give for such practices? I still cant digest, one woman marrying 7 brothers... Sheeeesh...
what a world we live in...

Oh I forgot, Happy women's day!!!

March 02, 2006


Is there something like that?
A profound friend of mine always says, there are two kind of people in the world, one set of people who take life as it comes, and the second one who define life on their terms.
Ya, I do agree with him and I believe I belong to the first category.
I've always been a person who embraces whatever comes my way and accept life. And i'm a believer of destiny. I strongly feel someone somewhere is made just for me, people we meet, things we do, the roles we take up is all defined before (else, how do you explain Devegowda becoming prime minister ;-) ), and its upto us to go ahead from there. (Er.... am I sounding strange??!!??).
I love living a life as there is no tomorrow.
But the other set of people plan everything so much ahead of time. They know what/when/why they are doing things, coz everything is PLANNED. Lead a systematic life. Feel bad when things dont go their way, learn from the mistake, next time plan things in a more organized way, so on and so forth.

I sometimes wonder, am I being aloof about my own life? Am I running away from my responsibilities by just giving a mask of happy-go-lucky look? :-.
Naaaaah,.... It doesnt mean I dont plan for the future and work towards it, its just that I dont spend sleepless nights worrying about the future or brood about the past.

just thinking!!!