March 26, 2009

Our First Ugadi

"Ugadi" is New Year per Hindu almanac. yuga+aadi, yuga is era, aadi means start thus meaning start of an era. It marks the onset of spring, the first season of the year, hence also heralding a new year and a new beginning. (remember the Yuga Yugadi kaledaru Yugadi marali barutide song?.. ah... so fresh that is!)
This is the first Ugadi after I'm married. Typically the newly wed couple are invited by the girl's parents to celebrate the festival in their house. But for me, the first Ugadi goes back to....

It was the year Hero had proposed.... he wanted us to meet as it was OUR first Ugadi. Since he was working that day, we'd planned to meet in the evening at Forum. Just to surprise him, I thought i'll try something new and planned to wear a saree... Now, atleast people from my planet know how difficult it is to manage one! So, when I was busy fidgeting with it, I get some 10 calls. (And since it was those days when I'd not declared anything at home, I had to keep it a top secret that I was going to meet a friend on a festival day). So, I ignore the calls as I'm already late. and just when i'm out of my house and wait to take an auto, I get a call from the angry Hero telling he has enough work to do, he is heading back from the office bus stand assuming i'm busy. I was like, huh! okaaaiii fine, I thought i'll surprise you and blah blah blah... blup... I hang up... just in 2 secs, another call, I'm starting now, will be there in half an hour... and I went to Forum Mall all red faced... Hero comes, 15 min late and hands me a single looooong white flower with a sheepish grin. (u know the flower which is normally used along with other flowers to decorate a bouquet?). I was a little puzzled, i'd not seen anyone buying that flower, but u know guys right? so.... u never know! but later, when I heard the story, I was all smiles :) :) :)...

Apparently, when Hero reached Forum, it was as it is late and he went in search for a florist. And since he did not find any, he went and offered the receptionist a deal. That, he would buy her 2 day old bouquet which was kept on her desk for the original price as it was a total emergency situation... (I still don't believe he did that!). That lady bluntly declined the offer (ha ha ha I can imagine what she'd be thinking :-?) but asked him to pick a flower if he wished. Since all other flowers were pretty old, he had to pick this flower with a sly smile :-)
and, that was the story of OUR First Ugadi :-)
This year, the year we are actually married, he isn't around to celebrate it... :-(
You know, a unique aspect of ugadi is the distribution of Neem and Jaggery (its called “Bevu-Bella”). It symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise) , which should be accepted together and with equanimity.... and that explains... :)
Happy Ugadi to ALL of you :-)
and Mr Husband, ningunu :-)

March 12, 2009

how is married life?

oh, thats one common question everyone asks post wedding... Guys, the only thing I'm doing promptly after my wedding is running around for my friends weddings and falling sick. Nothing else! Thanks to Hero, who ran away (flew actually) 7 days after our wedding... pssst... So, I'm back to my single life...

When three of my close close friends and I decided that its high time we finally fall into the trap, we almost thought of the same time frame. Thanks to the stars, the auspicious time which was selected had a good gap between all our weddings. One of them married a Maharashtrian.... Yay WE went to Pune...And then, 2 of them got married twice (ofcourse to the same person!)... One got married in Kannadiga ishtyle, and then the Bong style and another one got married in Iyengar style and then Mallu style... so, I got to roam around to a lot of places you see :)

Some one asked me in office today if i'm going to gym (ah... how nice it sounds to the ears :D)... One more person echoed it and said, yeah, I wanted to ask you from past few days, you've lost weight... I said ohhh thanks, but No, i'm just sick. Some of my friends ask, oh you miss your hubby, so, you've lost weight eh? My mom thinks people have casted an eye on me, thats why i'm not well from the time I got married...

People, On 2nd I get married, 6th I go to Pune, 10th Hero flies :(, 12th I join back office, 22nd wkend R's wedding, 27th Kolkata visit, 6th, N's wedding, 14th Kerala visit, during weekdays 3 days in his place and 2 days in mine (the girl is not supposed to stay at her mother's place after wedding you see... :-/). So, in between all the running arounds I have to have everything from poha to puchka, gola to roadside rasmalai, masala chai to matka tea, pooran poli to mishti dohi and the spicy food at his place... everything!... poor my health... how will it sustain? One week of diarrhea and thats why full tuss pataki...

Couple of months back, in one of our Oh we have to lose weight josh, I and R had gone to Vibes and taken some package. I'd gone for spot reduction for arms (I really have pailwan hands :() and she took a 5kg weight loss package. Each session we went, the instructor used to weigh us and even if we were 500gms more than previous day, she never used to give us the session... duhhh! give money to them and get blastings, look at that! So, needless to say we were thrown out of many sessions... and at last we got bored (there was no damn difference in us either!), so we stopped going almost towards the end... I remember asking her, how much more left for you? (I meant no of sessions) for which she'd replied, 2 more sessions and 5kgs :P ha ha ha.... now I can proudly say, VLCC/Vibes ko maro goli, get diarrhea once and it'll make you look really relaly thin :D [if not the dehydration, at least the no. of trips you make to the RR, ha ha ha :P]

btw, I wanted to share with you one picture I love very much from my wedding album: