April 24, 2006

Best Friends...

When I was in my primary school, the idea of my best friend was someone with whom I can play with, whom I could go for my dance class with.

When I went to my High School, the idea of a best friend was someone who was good at studying, sports, extra-curricular activities, someone who shared the same favorite movie star :).

When I went to college, the idea of a Best friend was someone with whom I could go to movies, talk about crushes, do all girly things.

I could say life was pretty much simple until this time.
When I joined my engineering, the idea of a best friend was changed to someone with whom I felt comfortable in disscussing my 'konfusions' of what-next, talk about the girl secrets, and ofcourse have FUN amidst all the Internals, Assignments, Combined studies etc.

By the time I joined work, the idea of a best friend was changed to someone with whom my 'wavelength' matched, someone with whom I could sit and chat for hours, someone with whom I could share my dreams, someone with whom even silence was comfortable, someone who shared the common 'I-hate-this-person' list :D, someone with whom I could do night outs, someone with whom I could just be just Myself.

Now I have some good friends whom I've never met in my life at all but we discuss everything under the sun.

The idea of a best friend kept on changing from time to time...
But the strange part is, some friends remained as my best friends who could fit in all the changing definitions.

I still have some of my school friends and college friends who are very much in touch with me on a day-to-day basis. The definition of friendship has grown with our age and these people fit in all the above categories :).

But something which bothers me always is that, as time passed, some of my friends who were in my best friend list at a certain point of time, is now just in a 'hi-how are you' relationship. I always wonder is it something to do with 'ME' that i'm not in touch with them? Is it a failure on my part that I couldnt 'maintain' a relationship?

But when I get a chance to talk to 'those' friends, I cant talk more than half an hour and even that will be so formal. We just run out of topics. I guess our priorities have changed in life and probably thats the reason we dont find much of things in common to talk about. Though the basic care and concern is there for each other, it cant go back to the way it was... the ease at which we used to talk to hours before has just vanished... hmph! some friendships are meant to be like that I guess...though it sounds odd, I feel some friends are seasonal, and no point brooding about it.... hmph!!! ways of life I tell ya...

April 21, 2006

My Epitaph...

Can you beat that :D
You wanna know yours??? chk this
But on a serious note, I would want it to read,
"She lived.... :)"
what about you???

April 17, 2006

did HE deserve this???

- Started his career as a stage artist in "Gubbi Veeranna" nataka academy.
- Entered into movies thru 'Bedara kannappa' after which there was no looking back.
- was someone who would give LIFE to any role he took up. How can anyone forget his roles in 'sathya harishchandra', 'Mantralaya mahime', 'Eradu kanasu', 'Babruvahana', 'Kaviratna Kalidasa', 'Emme Thammanna', 'Tenali rama', 'Sampathige sawal', 'Bhale hucha', 'Kasthoori nivasa', 'Gandhada gudi', oh, the list just goes on. A Natasarvabhouma in its true sense!!!
- Received an honorary doctorate from Mysore University, 10 Filmfare awards for different categories, a National award for singing, Padma bhushana and Dada saheb Phalke award from the Govt of India and won millions of hearts...

- Some people might claim that he never did anything to the society. He might not have opened schools or hospitals for the public, but the simple man that he was, he did his best whatever he took up. Knowing the social responsibility he had, never did he smoke, or use foul language on screen.
- He used to address people as 'abhimani devarugale', and it was not just a word, he was someone who believed in that. A school dropout which he was, he had no shame in accepting it in public and acknowledging that he came up only because of his fans. So many people wanted him to join politics, and he just kept away from all that saying he is not intelligent enough to do all that.
- Even when he passed away, he gave light to two blinds as a part of his last wish.

- barged into his house as soon as the news of his demise was announced. broke the gate, door, window panes of his house.
- As a "mark of respect" to the legand, THE fans went on a rampage in and around Bangalore. Glass panes of showrooms were broken, shutters of stores were forcibly downed, cars and motorcycles were toppled over and torched, er... an attempt to FORCE people to mourn??? huh???
- Next day the whole city was shut down!!!
- People who came near cameramen were so happy to appear on Television that they were jumping and dancing. They were so proud to be witnessed by the whole Janta while they were stoning people and burning vehicles. Damn!!!

- The Van carrying the Dead body was stopt somewhere in the middle of the road coz his so-called FANS wanted the van to take some route of their choice.
- To top the whole thing, PEOPLE did not allow the family members to do the last rites of the hero. The mob was getting so violent that they had to DUMP the body in the pit and run away from that place. The family went back to the place again at 9 o clk in the night to continue the last rites.

Now people might claim its not the Fans but it was totally a politically driven act and all that, but even if thats the case, who have chosen those 'leaders'??? At the end of the day the most disheartening fact which remains is our hero went away from us and WE gave such a bad farewell...
what a SHAME!!!
did he really deserve this ?

April 11, 2006

will you......?

This post is written in the fond remembrance of all the prospective grooms (er...can include their parents too) all around the globe :). Any resemblance to anybody alive or dead ;-) is purely coincidental and the author takes no responsibilites :D

Ya.... now coming to the point,
when ever I used to see some funny ads which come in the matrimonial section of TOI or the forwards which we get about matrimony, I used to wonder about the level of exaggeration.
But Boss, such things do happen in real life too.

To start with, the profile pics which people generally send will be the ones delicately chosen from a lot which are fine tuned after adding some special effects (in addition to those artificial smiles) in some posh photo labs. And Yet, the end product will be very very faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from the actual self.

And next comes the Bio-data. Mannnn, how much do they boast about thier accomplishments (er... if thats what they call it). A few excerpts from the ones I've seen/heard...

Green Card holder/US returned...
(adds WEIGHTage to the resume)

I'm planning to settle in down in US for ASSET creation...
(Ahem Ahem, no comments ;-) )

Girl should be a "BE" but I prefer a housewife...
(What the.............. argh!!!)

Girl should know how to cook coz I'm a big foodie...
(Ek bavarchie ko kyon nahi dhondthe ho bhaiyya??? )

The girl has to be not more than 60 kgs...
(but he can be a hippo, huh?)

She needs to be FAIR...
(Ya, gift me a bleaching powder, you moron!!)

My Girl should be not more than 5.2...
(coz, hez 5.4.... pssssssssst)

I love my parents (oh! ya, we all hate them...) , she should be loving too (pssst, psst!!!)

I'm looking for a long term married life...
(=)) but we just want a short term honey ;-))

My ancestors are living in this city for more than 250 years...
(duuuuude!!! some of ur ancestors are still on trees =)) )

we are familiar with atleast 100 families in this city...
(oye hoye, now i really have doubt, have you escaped from some jungle???)

The girl needs to wear atleast 1000 gms of gold...
(!!! !$$!##&!!!!!!)

I have nothing to talk to the girl, its enuff if my parents talk...
(BOYYY, whom is she marrying??? )

Sheesh, why do we live life so much as a mater-of-fact?
Buddy, shez the one with whom you are gonna spend the rest of your life... Is this all what is important to you???? Is this all your requirements???

April 06, 2006

Surprise............ :D

One of my favorite quotes is,
"life is full of surprises, but never when you need one..."
who says so....

Bugged of this mundane life which makes me sit in front of the boring black monitor whole day, I was feeling so low from past 2-3 days. Today, around afternoon, I get a call from the reception telling I have a visitor. I go and see, I have a sweetest friend of mine waiting for me with a smile and holding a pink gerbera in hand :D and the best part is my friend even joined me for lunch :D
WOW!!! was I jumping with JOY or what...
The gerbera is decorating my desk, and each time I have a look at it, it undoubtedly exchanges a smile with me :)
Some times such small gestures means soooooooo much :)

Some people make life seem so beautiful by just being a part of it :)