October 28, 2005

Me and My Arjun...

Now is the time for me to decide about one big hurdle of my life, Ya, My Marriage. I can give no more reasons like I need to finish my studies, or I should get settled with a good job or anything like that. I have no other way to come out of this, but to look for the proposals parents get me. Unfortunately or fortunately I've not met my Mr.Right :-( so far. People say I'm a very practical girl, which even I believe to an extent.
But, But, But..I'm a firm believer of the funda 'SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IS MADE FOR YOU'. I've had my own 'Sapnon ka Rajkumar' from years. I'd even named him Arjun Bharadwaj (Y?? donno!!! I just like that name :-), he he, must be sounding funny for you). He is supposed to be THE man of my life, I'd read some blog about an 'Andekha Anjana' of one lady, even my Arjun is somewhere similar to hers. I've fantasised about my Arjun so very much that there have been so many days I've cried at night comparing him with the people I interact and realize my Arjun is too good to be true and can never exist :-(.
We always say we should not expect anything in life, when there is no expectation, you'll be happy with what you get and blah blah blah. But tell me honestly, is it practical?? Not for me atleast :-(.
Say I meet a guy, he is good looking, down to earth, well settled, he claims he likes me, everything seems pretty purrrrfect if I think from my parents angle. They'll be more than happy to get me married.
In case of Arranged marriage, this is how it goes right? This is all your parents will look for. In the half an hour you get to talk to the person and decide about your life, what all can you see? I might feel comfortable talking to him. But somewhere I feel he is not 'my kind' of a guy. My Arjun is much more Matured, Sensible, Romantic, Passionate, Caring and all that. This guy seems too practical to be all this. I dont relate to him at all. He talks so much as a 'matter of fact'. I dont feel that 'ting tong' for him in my heart :-/. My friends laugh at me when I say all this and they feel I'm in some fantasy world. But NO I'M NOT, I know my Arjun can never exist, but.... ??? (I donno........).
I'm already crossing the IDEAL age for getting married (according to my parents), If not this guy, my parents will get another one who may be similar to this, or mebbe even more alien when compared to my Arjun. Should I marry this one thinking that love will grow sometime, or should I wait for someone who can bring the 'ting tong' in me? Should I wait for someone who comes close to my Arjun? Will my Arjun knock my door anytime?

October 25, 2005

Kapi with Nisu

Totally jobless today..
Whole day reading blogs, blogs, and more blogs...
Kishore kumar Crying away to glory from morning....
Could hear the rain when I take my headphones off....
And suddenly I get an idea of having kapi with nisu....
Ping her, and hurrray, she agrees.....
We both go to the 2nd floor balcony with 2 cups of coffee.....
Small droplets of water falling over me, lovely breeze, my lovely friend, and KAPIIIIIIIII.....
woww, what else do I ask for?????

October 24, 2005

Small things in life...

How very true!!! We often forget that there are so many small things in life which makes us happy, for example,
- Cuddling our sweet pet,
- Getting up early morning and finding a 'Good morning, sweetiepie' message from our dear ones :),
- Catching up with a friend and chatting for hours over a coffee (okie, caffein kick to be precise!),
- Getting drenched in Rain (wooooooooooow),
- Having Yummy Road side Pani puri,
- Lying down on the terrace with some dear friends and chatting till late night,
- When ur dear one enters your house on ur birthday at night 12 and wishes you happy birthday!! (Yes, Mrs Roy did that to me :D),
- Taking out our old album and recollecting all the memories behind each snap,
- Window shopping for hours without getting bugged (like how i go almost every friday with my sh Nisu to our friday temple (yep, its FORUM) and commenting on the same old things with the same old comments :D).
- Getting a hug from someone when u badly need it (even thru sms, muahs and hugs will do ;-))

- Some one close dedicating a song 2 u in radio (again Mrs Roy :D)
- Reading some good book with a cup of tea, sitting by your window when its raining outside :D
Wow, the list just goes on!! just thinking these things is making me come out of my monday blues and making me realize life is so beautiful :)
Lemme go back 2 work :) Have a great day!

October 21, 2005

hmm days!!

As I always say 'hmm' is my patent word. Its the safest one to use at times. I feel I can convey so many things and yet nothing! I have come across some days when I dont feel like talking to anybody, dont feel like mailing, chatting, gossiping for no particular reasons. I call them as hmm days!! days when I just feel like hmming all the time. Most of my most of my responses to anything people ask would be just a hmm followed by any of :-) :-( :- :-/ based on the context.
And 2day happens to be one such day. I had some boring work 2 do, which I finished in the morning, had some team KT's where in I was physically very much present. People around must be wondering as to why I act weird at times, Its not that I'm in some deep thoughts or worrying about my Future/Career/Marriage(oh!!!) or anything, its just that I want to be left at my own.
I myself sometimes wonder do we all have these hmm days or i'm the only weirdo here??
hmmm :-

October 20, 2005

Ajeeb Rishtey!!!

Wow, What a lovely climate, whole night it has rained and now is the cool breeze!!!, I must say Bangalore is at its best!!!! (except for the roads ofcourse!!!). The morning van journey to the office was too good, I heard this particular song and could relate to so many things,

Kitne ajeeb rishtey yahaan pe,
do pal milte hai, saath saath chaltei hain
jab mod aye tho bachke nikalthe hain...
khwabonki ye duniya hai khwabo mein hi rehna hai,
rahe lejaye jahan sang sang chalna hai
wakth ne hamesha yahaan naye khel khele,
kuch bhi hojaye yahaan bas khush rehna hai...
kitne ajeeb rishtey yahaan pe..

how true isnt it????

My Morningssssssssssssssss

hmm, This is my first blog, what could a better topic than to blog about how i start my day. well, alarm rings at 6.45... snooze, again at 6.50.. snooze, again at 6.55.. snooze :-).. there comes mom's scream, 'khushiiiiii, its already 7, dont you have plans of going to office today?',.. 'haaa maaa', okey, got up. now is the ritual of taking bath (ish, how much i hate this, i wonder who was the one to make a rule that we need to take bath everyday :-), hmm, anyways,, what dress to wear now??? okei,, stand in front of wardrobe, and.. shall I wear this pink salwar, ohh, I need to press that, how about blue salwar, naah, i look so fat in that, that white one, humph!! i wore it just last week, sheesh, i hate this,,,,okey, atlast the same old dirty blue jean and a t-shirt. mom again, 'Khushiii, its 7.20, TEA is on the table have it',.. 'haa maa', by 7.25 i'm in a go-able shape and the office cab is supposed to come at 7.35 to my stop. now comes begging dad to make him drop me till the stop, and the monotonous dad's dailogue, 'why cant you getup 5min early and walk yourself' [me: heeeeeeee :D] Mom: how many more days she'll ask you, after she gets married, her husband will drop, cant you drop her now?? [me: hummmmpphh!!!!!!!!] and while dad starts his byke, i need to call x/y to ask the driver to stop for me, and by the time i reach my stop, our van would be waiting for me and the driver will be looking at me with the same old look of not again.. :w


October 19, 2005


Atlaaaaaaaaaaaast, I created a blogspot for myself which is exclusively 'My Space' where I can scribble anything and everything I feel like :)