February 23, 2006

Navjeevan Express...

They met...
They spoke...

He : If there is something called as 'soulmate', you are the one for me.
She : YES, even I want to be :)

The first page of a new book I'm reading... hmm, seems really interesting!

February 14, 2006


A day full of masti... supposed to be window shopping, but landed up buying a typical my-kinda tshirt. A blue tshirt with collar, it was too irresistable :P. Went to BDA, had panipuri and jalebi :D Er.. how can an evening end without a coffee, so, a caffein kick to mark the end of the day.
Went back home and was so damn tired, just wanted to sleep.. and I did too, but got this weirder than the weird-most weirdest dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
I’m sitting alone with my orange/yellow stripes calvin t-shirt…
Here comes a guy….bent on his knees….with a mug of Tea in his hand and says
‘khushi, You always say tea is your life, can I be the tea for your life??’’
Haaan???’…. and I believe from that day on, I would stop drinking tea…
This is all the dream was.... ;;)

And I was sharing this with a friend of mine and he happened to ask me how the guy was looking like, and my reply was, ‘oh I don’t remember, but that guy had a sexy black colour mug in his hand and I was concentrating more on that :D'
and he was like, with full difficulty atleast in your dreams someone proposed you and you just remember the mug which he was holding.... pssst...
ha ha ha.... do you think people call me foodie with no reason ;-)

I just remember a pickup line

ha ha ha!

PS: NO, this post is nowhere related to Valentines day, it was just there in my drafts since long, which I chose to publish it now. Btw, Happy Valentines day, Love and be Loved! :)

February 07, 2006

LIFE.... so simple :)

Mom says death is as natural as birth, and its all part of life cycle...

She also says we dont really understand it, but there are many things we dont understand and we just have to do the BEST with the knowledge we have before going...
I guess it makes sense...

but i dont want to go anywhere :(

Ah..... dont you worry :)

February 02, 2006


We meet so many people in a day. We hit off well with certain people instantaneously, Certain people manage to settle just in the acquaintance list, but most of the times it takes time to connect to a person, to form a bond, to develop a relationship (No, I’m not talking about the so called ‘relatives’ who are forced upon us).
This bond keeps getting strengthened or weekend as the time goes and the situations we face. Sometimes I wonder what is the essence of a relationship.

What is that something with which we form a strong bond? And
What is that something which acts as a last thread between two people and if its broken the relationship is nowhere?

Is it Compatibility?, i.e., how well you connect to the other person? Ya, mebbe when you feel comfortable with a person, when you can be yourself with a person, there is nothing like it. Or, No, there are so many people in the world who are so different, who really can’t connect to each other, yet they are together?

Is it Trust?, hmm? Mebbe or Mebbe not. We all live in a hope. We trust somebody, and when its broken, we feel bad, but yet live with a hope that things will get well. It will definitely take some ample amount of time to build the trust again, but maybe it depends on the genuineness of the other individual.

Mutual Respect? Hmm, maybe. Maybe if we loose respect on somebody we won’t feel comfortable with them. We might not be able to continue with the relationship.

Personal space? If someone is intruding too much into our space, then probably its very difficult to take it. But the other way round is also not acceptable, that is when the other one is too much aloof about our life. teri-life-teri-marzi kinds...naaah!.. hmm personal space could also be a reason.

Care about the other person? Hmm, there are so many relationships where we don’t see the two having the same wavelength, they don’t share anything in common, but just the basic care/concern/affection about the other person holds the bond.

Physical attraction? But for how many days? we all grow old, we all wont look the same way we do now. Maybe it can act like a catalyst in the chemistry between the two, but anything beyond that? Er....... I dont think so.

Commitment? Ya, lots of relations stand on this last thread I guess. Though both are not happy with anything happening with them, they are together just coz they are committed to each other and can’t face the reality and the society.

Or is it the combination of all of these?
hmph! seems like a jigsaw puzzle indeed!

I just remember a song from page-3 whenever I think of relationships...
Kitney ajeeb rishtey hein jahaan pe,
Do pal milte hein, saath saath chalthein hein,
Jab modh aye tho, bachke nikalthe hein,
Kitney ajeeb rishtey hein jahaan pe...