November 03, 2008

America America!

No, its not about Nagati halli chandrashekhar movie, its about my small trip...
a small trip...

to what they call, the land of opportunities... it was a bright summer when I went for the first time... and a shocking winter when I went this time...
frozen lake, frozen falls...
it was a gloomy white world...
so what, I got a chance to make my first snow man :D
got to try lot of different foooooooood...
experimented with my culinary s'kills' ;)
got addicted to Caribou Coffee, more for their punch line which said 'life is too short, stay awake for it!'enjoyed the solitude...
and the shopping....
and some soul searching, when I got time... (through my window that is ;))
realized the simple things and people that make me happy :)
and just when I started missing the roadside panipuri...
zuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I came back home :)

PS: actually its been quite sometime i'm back, just been busy with work (and been lazy too)... ;)

February 14, 2008

Panchi banoo udti phiroo mast gagan mein...

aaj mein aazad hoon duniya ke chaman mein...
hmm... kind of :)

February 08, 2008


Yet another year...just another day...

Vasanthi Maushi,
Shyamala Maushi-Mama,
Deepa & Guru...
Thanks a ton..... all of you all :)

January 28, 2008

life is like that!!!

Its a scary feeling, to realize that, something which we are longing for from a very long time, when it actually knocks your door, there will be a time when you would just want to run away from it ...


January 04, 2008

Mumbai Marathon...

Deeps has been transferred to Mumbai few days back and she was missing home badly. while chatting with her, I casually said, dont worry deeps, we shall meet soon. And thats when she started pestering me to join her for New year and the result: I went along with chitu and chitz and sufi came and joined us there :-)

It was during our dance class trip when I'd visited Mumbai for the first time. It was precisely 12 years ago and the only few things which have depicted the picture of Mumbai in my mind are the Train journey (antakshari, dumb charades, winking game and associated masti), the dance program, catching a crowded local train, the chakkas who come and pinch on your cheek for money and the bhelpuri at the Juhu Beach. This time when I went, I dint have much expectations with it, except for the fact that I wanted a break...... BADLY!

Day one: AKSA beach

Beach was pretty isolated from the whole world (so, isolated that we went around 2 and half hours searching for it and the taxi guy was bugged of us ;))... Got Awesome bhelpuri, vada pav and chai there :)

Day two: Bandra Shopping, Juhu Beach
Shopping was good, learnt how to bargain (little bit ;)) for every damn thing those guys used to start with 550 bucks, I wonder why that magical figure!

Juhu was ultimate, all besura atmas played antakshari, made a sand castle, ate mango chat, gola, gol gappa, bhel puri, vada pav and kulfi :P

Day three: Gate way of India, Elephanta Caves, Fashion Street shopping and Marine Drive

The best thing I liked was the buildings in and around Gate way of India. The architecture is so beautiful and they stand so majestically, you'll be just spell bound at their beauty :) Elephanta Caves was a good one hour ferry ride from the Gate, and its very disheartening to see such beautiful sculptures inside the caves being damaged :-/

fashion street shopping was FUN and then the Queen's Necklace in Marine drive was very soothing :-) the best part of the day was the Mysore Masala dosa at the footpath near VT station ;)

Day Four: Alibagh and Alibagh ;)

Again, we took a ferry from Gate way of India and thanks to my leg which got sprained while getting down from it due to which we met a physiotherapist who suggested us some farmhouse called 'Mother's Nest'. We were a little sceptical to believe a stranger but anyways we never had plans of staying back, so, we just went there for lunch. We were totally bowled over by the ambience and Mrs Godbole and by some fluke, she even offered us a small cosy hut which was completely not ready for occupation. But we were more than happy to take that hut even though we were not a bit prepared to stay back! (believe me, we did not have a soap, a cream or even a tooth brush). after relaxing for a while, we went to Kihim Beach, relaxed till evening, did some running (limping) for a doctor and then went back for the party. The DJ was nothing great, he was playing lot of Marathi Bhajans in between but who cares, we danced till 1.30AM and had a blast!!!

and as all good things comes to an end, we had to start back home the next day and I'm back to the grind!

Sigh!!! I wish whole life was a vacation!!!

January 03, 2008