February 11, 2010

Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani...

So many things in life we take it for granted, like
Mom's kaituthu (cant translate it really! :-),
Granny's pickle,
Occasional meal on Plantain Leaf (especially on festivals),
On a rainy evening, Dad coming back home with hot bajji bonda from the nearby shop,
Roadside Panipuri,
Standing on the terrace and gazing the stars with radio in your cell or talking to dear friends,
Standing on the terrace and watching the colorful sky on the Deepavali night... (it was so boring here this time :( Deepavali without crackers... naaah!),
Deciding at the nth moment and still making it to meet a friend for a coffee just-like-that,
To kick start the weekend by going to Forum and doing mindless window shopping :),
Having hot joLa (maize) on roadside with spicy green chutney on it, especially when it is raining,
Not having to check weather.com each time you want to step out of your home,
BDA complex panipuri and Jalebi,
the noise, the traffic, the pollution... sighh!

One might ask, if you miss home so much, why at all come out? Financial commitments, Financial Planning, Exploring a new place, Private space, reasons could be many, whatever it is, when we come out of our country and start living in a different place for a while, thats when we realize the value of what we've lost... The moment we start thinking about going back (even for a short while), the joy we get can never be equated to the n number of world tours we make.... I cant stop grinning, i'm going home for 3 weeks :D... I know its too less, but its good enough to rejuvenate me :)
PS: Title is a bit cliche? I know!! but thats the closest I could get...


Vidya said...

Apt title... and I can empathise with your feelings... each time I step out of our country... I yearn to go back...

Guess, we seldom realize all this when we have all this around us...sigh...But tell you what... I am super duper happy that you are coming over and really looking forward to meeting you :)

Nirguna said...

Hey, I am Rajkamal writing from Bangalore. I read your blog entry on your RA experience and could relate to instantly as I am going through similar experience. I too am consulting Dr. Satish Kalyanje and just following his orders to T.

Ya may be sometime I can write about my own experiences of pain. my email id is: rajkamal@atree.org

Chatter said...

Hi Khushi,

I live a stone's throw away from your fave adda- BDA complex and relate to every bit of what you've written here, especially the kaitutu part :) I've been living with RA for 10 months now and would love to chat up with you some time. Any chance that you can share your email id? Could you please mail me on chitchatbrat@gmail.com?

Ritika Sharma said...

i miss these things really... what a nice post..

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Priya said...

Hi Khushi,

I was searching online for Dr. Satish Kalanje when I saw your blog about your RA experience.

I am planning to consult a good rheumatologist for my inflammatory arthritis. Do let me know if it is ok to email you. Drop me an email.