October 07, 2009

Dont dig your Grave with your own Knife and Fork!

GM Diet for 7 days...
Pros: Detoxification, Cleansing and weight Loss
Cons: a little tiredness initially, taste buds will go dead and if you have horrible friends who order pizza and garlic bread and eat in front of you, then you are a goner!
After hearing a lot about this GM diet, both Hero and I thought we'll give a try and we started this last monday.
Day One was supposed to be only fruits. I had fruit chat made out of Apples, Grapes, Oranges for breakfast. For lunch, I just had one apple and thought will have soup around 4. But I got lazy and skipped that and went out for groceries, and by the time I came back home, I was dead tired. One of the main reasons could be because I had had very less water the whole day. The diet strictly prescribes 10-12 glasses of water and I think I had just 3-4 glasses of it. For dinner, I prepared something called as WonderSoup. Whoever named it that, I'm sure they thought combining vegetables like cabbage, onion, tomato and capsicum to form a soup and drinking that is the biggest wonder. It was pathetic, I threw up! and was totally tired by the end of day. But I realized it was mainly because of not following the rule book.
Day two was only vegetables. This day I drank water time to time and had veggies in small quantities in small intervals of time. Started the day with mashed potato with salt, garam masala, chilli powder etc and cucumber chat at 11, beans sabzi for lunch, tomato chat for tea time and dinner was mixed vegetable sabzi.
Day three was fruits and vegetables. Fruits for breakfast, cucumber chat at 11, fruits for lunch, Tomato at tea time and vegetable sabzi for dinner.
Day Four was the best! we had to eat only 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk whole day. I was wondering if it was really enough, but then you'll be surprised to know, you'll not be able to eat all 8 bananas in a day and yet you'll be full of energy.
Day Five was one bowl of rice and 8 tomatos. I made Lemon Rice with Tomato chutney for breakfast, Tomato bath for lunch and Tomato soup for dinner. And actually even though I did not eat as much as I usually do, after 4 days of fruits and vegetables, I was feeling very heavy with just half a cup of rice.
Day Six was a bowl of rice and vegetables whole day. It was lazy Saturday, so we had brunch of Veg biryani at around 11, lemon rice around 4 and some fruits around 8. We had gone for a party and we sat with 10 sadist friends around us having pizza and garlic bread from Papajohns :( boooh!
Day Seven was supposed to be a bowl of rice with vegetables and fruit juice. Morning we started with Vegetable bath and we went out and checked our weight... I had lost 3kgs and he had lost 3.5kgs :D So, to celebrate, I had apply pie and cappuccino and bid adieu to my GM Diet :D
More than the weight loss, I feel its a very good cleansing mechanism and I now feel very light and fresh. I also learnt I could make so many dishes with very less (half a spoon) or no oil at all. I think this is the first time in my entire life, I completed a diet successfully!
Yayyyy! :D


Vidya said...

Way to go girl... :p
Good you told me about this wondersoup... I will never ever try it... But I am too tempted to try out the GM diet myself... will check with my nutritionist and see how it goes... :P

BTW, how are things in London? Weather is becoming cooler?

Chitra said...

HA HA HA HA ! OLLe celebrationu !

Khushi said...

Hi Vidya, Yes, seriously you must try it, you'll feel very good by the end of it... You are the first person I thought of when I completed one such diet :D he he

Chitra, Nija, you should try, its very neat :)

3rdeye said...

two things never to be restricted. food and sleep. Wish my final day come if to be restricted. What life then.

Art said...

I have done this till the 5th day and given up. Although, I never knew you could eat biryani and lemon rice. If we can eat that, then I dont mind trying it one more time :)

By the way must appreciate your patience and will power... Although, I think if we have more company it makes it a little easier. It surely is diffucult if people around you are having all the yummy stuff :)

Khushi said...

3rd eye, hmm even I was like that before :)

ha ha, yeah I tweaked the diet to my advantage :D I added just half a spoon of oil and cooked it in Microwave... though, it was not very close to the actual biryani, it 'felt' very good to eat it :D
Oh yeahhhh, tell me about it...with friends like that, you dont need enemies :)

Sreeharsha said...

Did u celebrate the success going out for a lunch n hogging??? ;-)
On a serious note, GM diet is really good to follow n it helps in improving ur metabolism too. I too recently tried n successfully lost some 3 KGs. u know what, if u dont like wondersoup, u can always prepare any veg-soup of ur choice n try it out... I lived on carrot-beans-palak soup. If u r not willing to prepare soup there is always Knorr/Maggi kinda soups available there..
~ Harsha